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Mapfre Global Risk  

Straße / Nr.: Im Mediapark 6 B
PLZ / Ort: 50670 KÖLN
Stadtteil: Neustadt-Nord
Telefon: 0221 13081910
Fax: 0221 130819119


The Fundación works to drive economic, social and cultural improvements for society's most disadvantaged people and groups.

Action areas

The Fundación's operations focus on five areas:
- Accident Prevention and Road Safety.
- Insurance and Social Protection.
- Culture.
- Social Action.
- Health Promotion

Collaborative work

The Fundación operates both directly and in partnership with

Activity in figures

- Budget of 50 million euros in 2017 with which to fund its programs.
- More than 300 initiatives launched.
- 8400 events organized.
- Operations in more than 34 countries.
- More than 23 million beneficiaries.

Stichwörter, Firmentätigkeit

Telekommunikation, Technologieunternehmen, audiovisuelle Medien, Business Aviation, Raumfahrt Produkte, Flughafenbetreiber, Abfertigungsagenten, industrielösungen